Global Game Jam 2014

So, we took part at the Global Game Jam 2014 and ended up creating a 2D war game utilizing Android  speech recognition features. We used LibGDX (again) for this one. Teemu did most of the graphics (modified from the stuff we found on internet). Oh, and sounds and musics too. Arttu mostly just coded.

2014.02.28 Excellent review

As last year’s Jam, this year’s weekend was quite intense, and both nights the development continued well after 6 am, only to start again at 11 am.

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Jelly Bean + only

The game should work on any Jelly Bean + device, but naturally we haven’t been able to test it on many devices. Enabling offline speech recognition probably makes the recognition part of the game faster.

This is a jam game, so there are probably more bugs than I want to know, so testing is on your own responsibility. Hopefully you’ll have the time to test the game and tell us how it goes! For me it was a fun experience to use your own voice to give commands in a game. Of course it’s not the optimal way to play, but it does give an extra level of immersion, if it works.


The speech recognition has some problems. Google was¬†surprisingly bad at catching only few words – I guess it’s optimized to catch sentences with a meaning. It also doesn’t allow a predefined list of words to be matched, so the results are not optimal.

Screenshot 2014-01-26 16.48.36

Code stats

A bit over 2000 lines of code (without banks and comments) + all the graphic and sound work in 48 hours is quite impressive to me.

Some credits:
Brent Anderson,
Frostbite MP3:
Explosion sound:

– Arttu, Teemu

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